Best Damn Cheer Station, $1,000 Give Away

$1,000 for Best Damn Cheer Stations

Runners love support along the course. Here is your chance to cheer and get paid. We are giving away $1,000 to the best cheer stations along the course.  View course maps here.

How to sign up  your home or business?

  1. Click Here and fill out the required info and sign the waiver. The owner/lessee of the home/business must fill this out to be enrolled. Your home/Business needs to be along the race route of one of our races.
  2. Choose Your City (Cape Coral, Jacksonville, Safety Harbor, Orlando, New Orleans)
  3. Recruit friends, family, co-workers to join your cheer station.
  4. Cheer!

How to win?

Our Best Damn Ambassadors & race crew will run the courses and record the cheer squad name and address. Our ambassadors & will then pick 3 finalists. The runners will then vote for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

1st Place = $500

2nd Place = $300

3rd Place = $200

What to do with your winnings?

  1. Keep it!
  2. Keep 50% & Donate 50% to our charity partners.
  3. Donate 100% to our charity partners.
Best Damn Cheer Station - Give Away